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Latter Day Saints (Witnessing To Mormons) The Latter Day Saints (or Mormons) claim to be true Christians and followers of Jesus Christ as they simultaneously embrace the doctrines set forth by their founder, Joseph Smith Jr. (1805-1844), whom they consider to be a prophet. They believe the truth of God has been rediscovered and restored by Joseph Smith since the Great Apostasy. In 1827, they believe Joseph Smith Jr. found, with the help of the angel Moroni, the golden tablets translated into the Book of Mormon—named after Mormon, who originally wrote it down. To the Latter Day Saints (LDS), Joseph Smith’s messages and especially the contents of the Book of Mormon (BOM) are true and most precious. Latter Day Saints claim it is in the BOM that one can learn the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ to have salvation and eternal life. Some of the LDS very strange beliefs, besides denying the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus, are: God was once a man and man can become God There are many Gods God the Father (who has a body of flesh and bones) is a separate God from Jesus and the Holy Spirit, who are also Gods. They are 3 Gods, not 1 God the Mother and God the Father had sex in heaven and produced millions of spirit children, where they pre-existed before being born A faithful Mormon will get a resurrected body of flesh, have eternal sex and be a God one day too just like God did Jesus is the spirit brother of Lucifer Adam is also Michael the Archangel There are three heavens, with the Celestial kingdom being the highest. This one is where God and the most faithful Mormons who followed his commands reside. The Terrestrial kingdom is where non-Mormons will reside. The Telestial kingdom, also in heaven, is for the ones who followed their carnal nature and lived in sin! Only apostate Mormons, the devil and his angels go to hell fire Things centering around marriage are the most important things you can ever do in this life One of their articles of faith is: We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly. (In other words, when the Bible contradicts their doctrine, it wasn’t translated correctly!) **To read more about what the Latter Day Saints believe and the exact quotes, click Latter Day Saints Doctrines. So are the Latter Day Saints real Christians? The evidence below is clear and to the point. Witnessing to Mormons by proving Joseph Smith is a false prophet and the Book of Mormon is NOT Scripture is easier than many may think. Examine the evidence for yourself and make your own conclusions. Be assured, their view of salvation and eternal life do not mean the same as set forth in the Bible! Mormons have a much different Jesus, gospel and Holy Spirit than Christians do.

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