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Bible Answers To Bible Questions Christian bible answers Many people with Bible questions are looking for solid Bible answers. Unfortunately, because we are in a widespread apostasy that makes getting sound Bible answers hard to come by. We offer these FREE as a spiritual blessing to all who want a reply from God's word. May SOULS be helped and the Lord Jesus glorified by these Christian answers. Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 122 there will not be any unrepentant homosexuals in God's eternal kingdom, unless a person contacts the blood of Jesus he will never get forgiven and liberated from his slavery to sin, to believe on Jesus means to obey Jesus, I kept falling to particular sins and am concerned for my salvation, I also have been praying for healing but have not seen the symptoms go, ponder and memorize Scripture to wash the filth from your mind, stop watching TV and listening to secular music, you must get serious or you will go to hell, do you have Scriptures that teach free will, trash the theology of Calvinism, Peter said to save yourself, Christians can yet go to hell, can a person get kicked out of heaven, when is salvation lost, you can lose salvation with one sin or gradually, a friend says she will still go to heaven though she is now a wiccan and back on drugs, was satan the sin bearer as Ellen White teaches, do I have to confess adultery to my wife to be forgiven Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 121 you sin every day, nothing can take away the new creation, when I got saved I got set free from slavery to sin, you believe in the counterfeit grace of eternal security which Jude wrote about and told Christians to fight against, if you love God you will obey him, God loves even those who will go to hell, a Catholic priest cannot forgive sins and Mary has no role in salvation, the bottom line with John Calvin is spiritual death for the righteous is always denied even when one severely backslides, they like to teach eternal security but hate to be labeled for what they are really doing, 90 percent of people that claimed to be Christians and believed once saved always saved lie have been the most vile people I ever worked with since they commit adultery, get drunk, use God's name in vain, do every drug on the market but are on their way to heaven, the devil has the majority believing and loving the security in sin gospel of Calvinism, when one is saved is it evidenced by speaking in tongues, avoid any group that says you need to speak in tongues to be saved, death is like sleep, are you open to change based on Scripture, you are misled about how to get salvation, you have a counterfeit Christianity, sometimes wives traveled with the disciples and other times they stayed home, I will pray that the Holy Father has mercy on your soul, will you be of the number that perishes, five of the wise virgins refused to give five foolish virgins some of their lamp oil so as not to jeopardize their salvation Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 120 If I listened to Charles Stanley or David Wilkerson I should simply find a young woman instead of caring for my invalid wife, their doctrine has led to a disgusting flood of wickedness, living under the curse of the law would allow someone to lose salvation after one sin but it's not that way with Jesus Christ, all biblical and historical evidence fully supports infant baptism for the remission of sins, never is an infant baptized in the Bible, writings of the early church fathers are filled with dangerous lies and false doctrines, the water gospel, change your confessional Lutheran pastor vocation, you can't teach the truth because you don't understand it yourself, mother Teresa will be over you in heaven, I have reached a state of paranoia about the fourth commandment, many things are hot issues and divisive among professing Christians, you will be able to spot counterfeits more easily, my family doesn't believe me about Augustine, Jesus is a meaningless name, me thinks that you all need to be awoken, you are addicted to sin as you travel down the road to hell, my former husband divorced me due to adultery and the bible tells me I'm free to remarry, the guilty party can never remarry, you used names of Jesus to slur Roman Catholicism, a powerless plan of salvation doesn't deliver from sin addictions, Mary was not sinless, it was sad to read about the father who died rather than renounce Christianity, with the heresy of eternal security many would disown Jesus and still think they have salvation Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 114 I was worried about being forgiven for witchcraft, torturous anxiety over being damned, once saved always saved is an insidious and misleading doctrine that allows people to sin, I can't get into the rapture as a sound doctrine to base my faith on, when eternal security came up he screamed at me with his weak ridiculous fables, their salvation hinges on this false security in sin gospel, they come with spiritual poison, Billy Graham has been spreading a false unity, paving the way for the antichrist and mark of the beast, David Bercot is a dangerous false teacher misleading even those opposed to once saved always saved, I am a backslider living with my boyfriend since it's cheaper than renting and I'm asking God's forgiveness every day, just asking God to forgive you without repenting is worthless, I hate what she believes because I hate lies, LDS beliefs are shocking and dangerous, how can the New Testament first be written in Greek, the Bible is trustworthy and works if acted upon, how do you think we are not required to be baptized, a lie from the pit of hell, you don't want to share in their wicked work, are all angels men Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 111 is baptism vital to the great commission and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, one is already a disciple before he is water baptized by immersion and taught to obey everything Jesus commanded the original Apostles, I returned to the Catholic Church and am happier in my spiritual life than I have ever been, a Christian is not a sinner, we have no need to repent of our sins, I found the books of Tobit, Wisdom, and Sirach to be very inspiring, sinners need to repent and get saved, what obvious heresy, such books are not inspired by God, the chief reason why Catholicism embraces the apocrypha, guilty of mortal sin, what a shock to Catholic people who have been wrongly taught, Pope John Paul II was obsessed with Mary, if you die in that state you go to hell, Jesus commanded us not to pray like that, what blatant heresy, just because you are happy does not mean you are in the truth, it has to be right, sealed with the Holy Spirit for eternity, you are like a parrot repeating what it has been taught to say, you are not Biblical yet you are unmoveable, a formula for sure destruction, it is holy living or hell, learn the Biblical message before you utter another religious word to others, can the Christian choose to never marry, all sex outside a legitimate marriage will damn a person, Mary had other children, a sure sign of apostasy, the churches are death traps, though I try to dismiss these thoughts they sometimes intensify, the devil's temptations come in the form of thoughts, purge your mind, many people claim you are married to whomever you first had sex with, Joseph and Mary were married before they had sex, forget what you have been taught Bible Answers To Your Bible Questions 109 children are reading about witchcraft because of Harry Potter, I pray to God and Christ His son that there will be forgiveness for me on judgment day, eternal sin (unforgivable sin) occurs when a person believes and says Jesus had a demon and by the power of the devil he performed his miracles, at 18 I left Christianity altogether and for many years led a very sin filled life, I have trampled his blood under foot according to Hebrews, if you play with sin, you will be damned in the end, the Hebrew Roots and Yeshua people are wrong about several important things, you may get severely tested at times, you're saying that King David went to Hell, the blood of Jesus sets one free from his sin addictions when he becomes a new creation, turn from such a vile theology, David J. Stewart thinks one can die in the very act of adultery and still go to heaven, they live the way they preach, the majority of church goers tend to just gullibly listen to the preachers - accept it and will be damned, if you reject the Bible you will be damned

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