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An Anatomy Of The Agony "Having cancer is bad, but your family can still hug you and you can hug them. But when you die with AIDS, you can't give love or receive it. This is the worst death a person can die," a Florida nurse, who has watched many die with AIDS, stated. Playwright Larry Kramer wrote in the New York Native, "I am angry and frustrated almost beyond the bounds my skin and bones and body and brain can encompass. My sleep is tormented by nightmares and visions of lost friends and my days are flooded by the tears of funerals and memorial services and seeing my sick friends." The horrors of AIDS are not only experienced by the patients and their friends. Hospital staffs are being devastated by them. The disease is inflicting mounting emotional casualties on the medical and nursing staff of NewYork's Bellevue Hospital Center as the grim futility of treating people you can not cure increases. Dr. Fred Valentine, a Bellevue physician said, "The grief is overwhelming, and there is no end in sight." AIDS has changed this hospital.The fatal disorder of the immune system is now the most common medical diagnosis. Dorothy Shayan, the director of nursing, said, "We are losing large numbers of young men and children to this disease, and the psychological and emotional stress on everyone is devastating. Patients die in hospitals; we know that. But never before like this." (New York Times, December 23, 1985).Today, very little is said about AIDS, as we have now something put in place called, "Political Correctness." WHAT IS AIDS? All this horror is the work of a terrorist that knocks out all the body's disease defences, moves at the speed of light and changes his disguises so often he may never be caught. Normally, our bodies have a fantastic defence system that protects us from the viruses that are constantly trying to sneak in and attack. The T-Cells in this immune system, spot a virus, identify it, sound an alarm, destroy the enemy, and then call off the troops. But AIDS has the ability to blind our defence system so it cannot recognize a virus. AIDS invades a group of cells and takes over their chemical machinery forcing them to reproduce faulty cells. This destroys the immune system and leaves a body defenceless against any virus that may attack. AIDS carries out this cellular subversion by penetrating the T-cell and changing its chemical code, which amounts to the same thing as reprograming a computer. Then it reproduces bad cells instead of good ones. This is the way AIDS destroys the body's defences and leaves it a helpless prey to life threatening infections. Medical science has never before seen an enemy capable of wiping out the body's defences so swiftly and completely. "We live in a dancing matrix of viruses; they dart, rather like bees, from organism to organism, from plant to insect to mammal to me and back again, and into the sea," said Dr. Lewis Thomas in his description of the body's constant war with viruses. Each of these attacks may appear to be a trivial skirmish, but for the immune system it involves millions of cells and a great host of chemical actions to get rid of the microorganism, which, if left unchecked, would kill. AIDS destroys this vital immune system and leaves the microorganisms unchecked to do just that - kill us. FOURTEEN AIDS SYMPTOMS The first symptoms that the AIDS virus has invaded a body are as follows: 1. Low-grade, persistent fever. 2. AIDS is often accompanied by sudden onsets of night sweats, sometimes without fever, often serious enough to wet the bedclothes. These appear and reappear unpredictably. 3. Shortness of breath with minor exertion. This results not only from weakness but sometimes from growths in the throat. One doctor reported a patient who was hardly able to breathe because his throat was covered with a white fluffy growth choking him almost to death. 4. Loss of weight that is not related to dieting or increase in physical activity. Sometimes AIDS victims lose up to 15 percent of their body weight. This loss is chiefly muscle tissue and is responsble for the emaciated, old-age look. 5. Extreme fatigue. (Tiredness) The loss of muscle tissue results in weakness and exhaustion. 6. Blurred vision; persistent and severe headaches. 7. Swollen glands. AIDS often attacks the lymph nodes located in the groin, the armpits, and the neck area. 8. Creamy-white patches on the tongue. 9. Persistent or recurrent itching around the anus. 10. Diarrhea, bloody stools or gastrointestinal upset that does not go away. AIDS can produce a liquid stool, often as frequent as a dozen times a day. This diarrhea is much worse in the tropical zones. 11. Cuts and infections that do not heal as quickly as usual. Aids can produce a series of skin abnomalities that includes dryness, itching, and acne type infection, blisters, scabs, etc. 12. Skin rash or discolorations that persist and may get larger. 13. Dry coughs that are not related to a cold or to smoking. 14. And, the symptoms of Kaposi's sarcoma: purple, blue or pink spots or hard nodules on top or beneath the skin that do not disappear, may get larger, and cannot be written off as bruises, blood blisters, insect bites or pimples. 15. Shingles may be an early sign of AIDS in gay (Homosexual) men, scientists reported at a meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology. Shingles produces blisters along the course of a nerve. Dr. Alvia E. Friedman-Kein of the New York University Medical Center said that 35 0f 41 patients with shingles tested positive for the presence of the AIDS virus in their blood. (USA Today, May 2, 1986). USA Today is very quiet since that time about AIDS, except for demands for funding from the government. After all, it's not "politically correct" is it!?! BODIES ALL ACHING AND RACKED WITH PAIN "It hurts so bad I couldn't sleep at all last night," said the young AIDS victim writhing on his hospital bed in south Florida. "I used to lift weights three times a week and now I can't even lift my leg off the bed." He tossed his head quickly as a spasm of pain ripped through his body and sent tears rushing from his eyes. When he was finally able to continue he said, "My stomach hurts so bad. I haven't been able to eat in three days. I've had a lot of surgery but it hasn't helped. It has been like this for two years." The gaunt, frail form lying on the bed was the ultimate portrait of death. AIDS is not just lab tests and statistics. It is horrible, prolonged physical torture. It is bodies groaning in agony. It is once healthy human beings reduced to something that is hard for others to even look at. AIDS is the torture racks of the Spanish Inquisition, the bone crushing lions in Rome's Amphitheater, and Hitler's Auschwitz, all rolled into one. AIDS is pain, pain, horrible pain, unrelenting pain. Over one-fourth of the early cases of AIDS developed a rare form of cancer called Kaposi's Sarcoma. Fifty percent are hit by a special form of pneumonia called Pneumocystic Carinii. Fifteen percent developed other infections. One-third of all AIDS victims will develop some form of malignant cancer. (AIDS: The Mystery and The Salvation). One of the target areas of AIDS is the intestines. Diarrhea is present in 59 percent of all AIDS patients. Like the "gay bowel" syndrome which frequently occurs in homosexual men, AIDS causes severe diarrhea and immediate loss of up to 10 percent of the body weight with further losses following. Lower abdominal cramps accompany the loss of fluid. Paul DiAngelo, a Boston AIDS victim, lost 10 quarts of fluid a day from diarrhea. Nothing could be done to stop it. (New York Times, June 17, 1985,page 1). Many AIDS victims develop a fungus that cakes the mouth and chokes the throat. For them speaking and eating become sheer torture. Others have bleeding infections of the mouth, genitals, or arms. These patients rage with pain! Others fall prey to exotic bugs that set their intestines on fire with horrible diarrhea. AIDS produces a horrid host of infections, malignancies, toxic and allergic reaction to antibiotics, inflamed bowels. There is no end to the catastrophic chrinicle of pain. The slaves sung it, the AIDS victims experience it: "Bodies all aching and racked with pain." Every AIDS victim seems a living echo of the Job's cry; "Why died I not from the womb? Why did I not give up the ghost when I came out of the belly? ...Wherefore is light given to him that is in misery, and life unto the bitter in soul, which long for death, but it cometh not; and dig for it more than for his treasures...For my sighing cometh before I eat, and my roarings are poured out like the waters. For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me." (Job 3:11,20,21,24,25). The Proverbs of Solomon says that, "The destruction of the poor is their poverty." (Proverbs 10:15). For all the victims of AIDS except the very, very rich, the poverty AIDS inevitably produces is a terrible destruction. Health officials estimate the average patient's medical bill runs over $140,000. When you add to this the normal living expenses, the one to two years salary loss, legal fees and the inevitable burial expense, the total cost of AIDS is devastating! Even for the rich the cost is catastrophic. They spend small fortunes groping for some bizarre hope of deliverence. The wealthy go to Switzerland for re-juvenation treatments. Voodoo doctors are sought out in Haiti. Therapists who deal in huge loads of vitamins treat them for huge sums of money. Some jet to Rumania for sheep gland injections in a race with death. Doctor Michael Lange of St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital in New York said he understood why they spend fortunes on quackery: "If I were told that I was going to die from AIDS in two years, I would seek help wherever I could find it." (Time, August 5, 1985, page 50). And so they do, at horrid costs. The man who designed a famous New York disco, Ron David, incurred medical expenses of $300,000 before he died of AIDS at 34 years of age. The disease made this rich man a pauper. Richard Buskay, his homosexual "lover" "Partner" for 10 years paid the medical expenses his insurance did not cover. (New York Times, June 17, 1983). For less fortunate victims AIDS means quick financial destitution.Robert Doyle, a 32 year old construction worker, had to go to the doctor during the winter of 1984. He felt certain he was suffering from tuberculosis. His breathing was very difficult and he was coughing up bloody sputum. The doctor's report was worse than he had imagined. Robert Doyle, at 32 years of age, was told he had AIDS. His 65-year-old male homosexual "lover" kicked Doyle out. His parents were dead and he was long since estranged from his two brothers. John's Hopkins Hospital doctors failed to find a nursing home that would accept him. His $325 a month Social Security payments hadn't started arriving. Doyle's scial worker would only contact him by phone because he was afraid of catching the disease. In addition to his great physical suffering, Robert Doyle couldn't afford a decent place to die. He finally ended up in a motel room in one of Baltimore's dirtiest sections. The maids refused to clean his room. An arrangement was made to leave food outside his door. On many days Robert had no money, no food and no human contact. Finally one of his brothers came forward but he would not assume any responsibility except for Robert's funeral arrangements. (Newsweek, August 12, 1985) Again one may ask upon reading this, "Why go back to 1985; we are in 2008 after all aren't we?" Of course, it is now "politically incorrect" to publish any cases in the media lately! THIS LONELY, LONELY WORLD No one has captured the lonely exile an epidemic imposes better than Albert Camus. In The Plague, he wrote: "There was always something missing in their lives. Hostile to the past, impatient of the present, and cheated of the future, we were much like those whom men's justice, or hatred, forces to live behind prison bars...The plague had swallowed up destinies, only a collective destiny, made of plague and the emotions shared by all. Strongest of these emotions was the sense of exile and of deprivation, with all the crosscurrents of revolt and fear set up by these." (The AIDS Epidemic, page 3). "People with AIDS don't die easy," they die a very long and lonely death, a veteran nurse at a Florida hospital told reporter Kathleen Turner. (Miami News, August 8, 1989) One of the reasons is the isolation of the victims. Charlie, who did not wish to reveal his familt name, was dying of AIDS in Key West. He moved from Los Angeles when he and his homosexual male lover of three years broke up. Charlie said he still had nightmares about him every night. He had his grandmother and older sister to help him when his leg was in a cast at nine years of age. But he was fighting AIDS all alone. Even his mother had disowned him. He told Turner he was going to call his family on August 9, 1983, his birthday, "to let them know I'm still alive." Most AIDS victims are neglected at best and taunted at worst; taunted as Job during his illness: "Young children despised me; I arose, and they spoke against me. All my inward friends abhorred me: and they whom I loved are turned against me. My bone cleaveth to my skin and to my flesh, and I am escaped with the skin of my teeth. Have pity upon me, have pity upon me, O ye my friends." (Job 19:18-21). Like Job, Baltimore gay activist Don Miller, a victim of AIDS, was taunted by children in his neighbourhood. When he walked down the street they chanted, "You are going to die!" over and over again. (Newsweek, September 23, 1985). Open sores covered most of Carrol Archer's body after he contracted AIDS. Family and friends withdrew from him and left him alone. When a volunteer worker from the Shanti foundation helped him with his will and funeral arrangements he started crying. The worker reached out and hugged him and rocked him in her arms."He cried all the harder," she said, "Then he looked up at me and said, 'No one's touched me in so long.'" (Time, August 12, 1985). A little two-year-old boy i. Miami was never to know his parents because of the virus. His mother had already died of AIDS and his father so sick with the disease, he was not able to care for him. The lad lost his mother shortly after his birth on August 6, 1983. Fortunately for the young orphan, he did not have the disease dread and many people called to adopt him, Gay Leberette of the Health Services Department told the Miami Herald. (United Press International August 10, 1985). But in spite of this kindness, he will live his life without a mother or father. For him, the loneliness of AIDS will last a long, long time. SEVEN MENTAL TORTURES Scott Hiller, writing in People Magazine, related the experience of listening to a man in a Los Angeles bar discuss the emotional horrors of AIDS. He told Scott he was visiting a friend when his roommate came in, shut himself in the bathroom and turned on the water to drown out his crying. Finally he said he went in and put his arms around the friend's roommate he had only seen once before. The heart-broken young man had just learned he had AIDS. He sobbed over and over that it was not fair because he was only 24. These virtual strangers just laid on the floor together for two hours and cried. (People, September 22,1985). The mental tortures of AIDS rival the physical pain. Richard Failla , a New York criminal court judge , is one of 1,500 volunteer workers for the Gay Men Health Crisis who was working to help AIDS victims through the phsychological devastation of the disease. He said, "Doctors were overwhelmed that they were unable to deal with the emotional impact this disease had on people."( United Press International January 17, 1986; and The Miami Herald, August 18,1985). One AIDS patient described the masked nurses who come into his room as looking like something out of "Star Wars." Berry Davidson, another volunteer working with the AIDS hotline, told David Patrick Sterns of U.S.A. Today, "I've only cried 14 times today." He coordinated 1,000 calls a week at the New York AIDS counseling center. "The Overview Of Psychological Issues Concerning AIDS," is the title of a paper prepared by Ken Wein, ph.d, and Diego Lopes, c. s. w., for distribution among homosexuals. It outlines the horrible seven mental effects of the disease: 1. Social isolation produced by the fear of contagion, a helplessness to make the patient feel better, a fear of mortality and an arousal of one's own vulnerability and fragility which comes from overidentification with the patient. In the hospital this isolation is intensified by severe infection control precautions and so-called "Homophobic" reactions among the hospital staff. 2. Alteration in the quality of life. This comes from disorganization in thinking and the disruption of daily habits, bankruptcy, boredom, the fatigue that limits activities, medical restrictions on their sexual practices and coming to view one's self as a leper and a social sexual void. 3. Loss of self esteem produced by the stigma of the patient being filthy and dirty, self condemnation, "I have AIDS because I am gay." Bargain: "I'll go straight if only I am cured." and viewing one's self as toxic to others. 4, Intensity to emotion. Anger, guilt, rage, depression, fear, easy tears take over with a roller coaster effect alternating between hopeful highs and helpless lows. And anger at the lack of justice and righteousness in life. And the lack of effective treatment and answers. 5. Issue of control that comes from losing control over the disease, body and life. 6. Denial. "Not me, I'll be the first to overcome this disease." 7. Financial stress that tears the mind apart. Expenses can run half a million dollars for treatment.Few know where the money for treatment will come from. Rosalina Pozo experienced "step one" of AIDS' psychological effects - social isolation. On Wednesday, November 20, 1985 she was taken to the Earl K. Long Memorial hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, suffering from AIDS. A fungus infection in her mouth and esophagus made it difficult for her to swallow. Rosalina's weight was 69 pounds. The 47-year-old woman was suffering from diarrhea and dizziness. She sat in the waiting room for 10 hours, receiving intravenous feeding before she was finally turned away. This rejection is horrible. When you add to it the complete loss of self esteem, bodily control, finances, and all hope of living, you conjure up a thousand tortured ghosts to torment the victim's mind. For those with AIDS, the apostle Paul's admonition, "be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled," (2 Thessalonians 2:2) seems to be only a shattered dream. THE HORROR OF HOPELESSNESS AIDS is a death sentence with no appeals. Its victims have no hope of regaining their strength, happiness or health. They have no hope of ever having a healthy child; no hope of even surviving. Dr. Dale Catahagan, the head of Oncology at Tacoma General Hospital, said, "AIDS victims die a much more grotesque death - physically and psycologically - than any cancer patient I've seen. Our cure rate for all cancers lumped together is over 50 percent. And then along comes this blight. It's the only disease now that's wham, bang, you're dead." Rock Hudson was quoted from his Paris hospital bed following the announcement of his disease, as saying, "I'm not the first actor to get AIDS, The ridiculous unfairness of it all - there were so many more things I had planned to do. So much living left in me." "Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies," wrote Edna St. Vincent Millay in Wine From These Grapes. But AIDS has destroyed this fantasy kingdom of childhood. With AIDS they all die - the old and the young. As the Bible says, "They die in youth, and their life is among the unclean." (Job 36:14). In many situations, death beds are as brief as they are terrible. But AIDS is different. It has no mercy, sometimes prolonging the process of dying for years. Time quotes a 23-year-old homosexual who has learned he probably has AIDS; "My mind has been going 200 miles an hour. When you're close to knowing you are going to die, even a glass of water is very meaningful...I am trying to understand why we die. Trying to get used to the idea and accept it." The finality of AIDS has many facets. "Once infected, a person is infected for the rest of his life. Once infected a person is infectious. It's not safe to assume otherwise," said William A. Haseltine of Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. (Newsweek, August 12, 1985). By February 1986 there were 18,000 cases in the United States. Half were dead, none were healed and 80 percent died within two years of diagnosis. Heaven knows how many up until this year 2008 have gotten AIDS and died. Statistics nowadays are kept secret due the "political correctness "doctrine. But, a 23-year-old AIDS victim wrote this letter; "Most of you don't know what it feels like to wake up each morning and wonder if this is your last day...Do you what it feels like to watch and feel your body waste away and grow weaker every day?...I'm dying and in my final days and all alone. Be happy that you have life and health, love and happiness." Here again, Job, the despairing sufferer in the ancient land of Uz, spoke appropriate words; "Wearisome nights are appointed to me. When I lie down, I say, When shall I arise, and the night be gone? And I am full of tossings to and fro unto the dawning of the day. My flesh is clothed with worms and clods of dust; my skin is broken, and become loathsome. My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle, and are spent without hope." (Job 7:3-6). UPDATE: "....AIDS first came to public notice in 1981, when alert U.S doctors noted an unusual cluster of deaths among young homosexuals in California and New York. It has since killed at least 25 million people and 33 million others are living with the disease or the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) which causes AIDS by destroying immune cells. Harald zur Hausen, went against current dogna (Political Correctness) and claimed that human pailloma virus (HIV) causes cervical cancer, the second most common cancer among women. Cervical cancer, which is sometimes called "the silent killer" of women because it is so often tragically undetected until it is too late. "His discovery has led to characterization of the natural history of HPV infection, and understanding of mechanisms of HPV-INDUCED CARCINOGENESIS AND THE DEVELOPMENT AND THE hpv ACQUISITION." (The Philippine STAR Newspaper, Tuesday, October 7, 2008, page A-23). After all those heart-wrenching years, we finally obtained some figures of how many thus far died of AIDS and how many are with the disease. Dr. Meade Morgan of the CDC said the average survival time for an AIDS victim is a year and three months. (United Press International, January 17, 1986). However, for some death is years in coming. Many of their final days are spent shopping for funeral directors who will handle the body, locating burial sites and making legal arrangements. At Mark Senak's office at the Gay Men's Health Crisis in New York over 1,000 wills had been written and over 50 people were seen coming in for assistance each month at that time. Writing a will for AIDS patients is an unpleasant rite of passage in which they are acknowledging their mortality. Though they were young men, 700 clients of Senak were dead within two or three years. It is analogous to times of war when parents bury their children, instead of the children burying their parents. The saddest of all the cases are, perhaps, the mothers coming in with AIDS to ask Senak to arrange for the custody of their children after their deaths. These are the tasks of the hopeless in the land of AIDS. AT THIS POINT THE QUESTION MAY POP UP: "How come women also get AIDS? Is that not a gay originated disease?" It most certainly is, but some men are what you call "bi-sexual, having relations with gays, picking up the AIDS virus there, and bringing it home to their wives. People nowadays are stupid enough to belief that AIDS COMES FROM MONKEYS, but monkeys do not have it! So, how could they possibly give or pass on to humans something they do not have? It is about time that people in general wake up to reality! Homosexuality is a dirty, filthy, idiotic lifestyle! Only a ungodly, and sex-crazy society tolerates it! THE EVOLUTION OF AN EPIDEMIC Much of the bloody blame for the AIDS epidemic in The United States, Britain, Canada, and elsewhere needs to be laid at the feet of Liberal theologians and humanist educators. Liberal preachers told youths there were no Bibles that were absolutely right, and liberal educators told them there were no moral values that were absolutely true. Left to flounder on life's sea without a compass they drifted into drugs, perversion, AIDS and death. There are many players in the grama of American AIDS, but these false teachers and preachers wrote the script! Following the unprecedented teachings of permissiveness during the 1960s and 1970s, the nation exploded in an AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. Other nations may have to wonder, but America can understand why the plague hit her shores. The other day, while on a motorized boat to the Island, A forty+ man dressed like a woman, was sitting accross me, and I said to him, "If you stay in this lifestyle, you will most certainly go to hell according to the Scriptures!" His reaction to my statement was this: "Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! I am beautiful, you're ugly!" So, I said to him, "You mean that by putting your member in the shit makes you beautiful; is that what you're telling me?" He shouted at me, You're full of shit, you american foreigner; shut up! shut up You are shit, Nothing but shit! Shit, shit, shit, shit! Look at me I am beautiful, and you are ugly! " Louder and louder he shouted, at me, "Bullshit! Shit, shit, shit ,shit, shit shit; you hate me you bullshit, shit. shit, shit, shit, You religious shit, shit ,shit, bullshit, shit!" I assured him that I did not hate him, but only his lifestyle. He shouted all the more "shit, shit, shit," all the way to the Island. His "shit" utterings lasted over 8 minutes on the moving boat to the Island, and we heard him repeat his "shit, shit, shit" even as we pulled away and went on our way to our own Island. This mental attitude displayed to us proved that his sex god most assuredly posessed him totally and completely! FOURTEEN SEX ACTS THAT ARE REAL KILLERS There were three big changes in homosexual conduct that preceded the AIDS epidemic and are very relevant to it. First, homosexuality went commercial moving out of the closet into bathhouses, bars and sex clubs. This facilitated far more contacts in one night than had previously been possible. The second big change was a boom in recreational drugs including MDA, Angel Dust and Amyl Nitrate. Drugs increased the time spent engaging in sex and the violence of the sexual encounter. Third, boredom born of over indulgence produced new sex acts that carried much higher risks of AIDS. "The pleasures of sin for a season," scripture says (Hebrews 11:25) and when the season ends new sins must be found to produce new pleasure. These new acts brought new and far greater danger. It is easy to understand why homosexual sex spreads AIDS when you understand what they do. The key to the success of the homosexual activists has been that most "straight" people are so turned off by this they could not bring themselves to investigate what was actually going on in the dark world of perversion and promiscuity. But AIDS has necessitated probing the kind of filthy sex acts being performed. Dr. Jacques Leibowitch says researching AIDS has driven the straight world "into hitherto restricted territory: the sweaty atmosphere of backroom bars, the swirling myths of bathhouses, the physical violence of some contacts and a record holding promiscuity." (AIDS: Your Questions Answered). Dr. Richard B. Fisher, who holds a PH.D. from Yale, has written a book that outlines many of the repulsive sexual practices and the accompanying risks.(The Weekly News, October 23, 1985). Kenneth Bray, who opened 31 homosexual bathhouses, the world's largest gay resort hotel, was in the business for 20 years before repenting, has provided detailed information regarding the bizarre sex acts the AIDS generation practices. The AIDS medical textbook compiled by Dr. Vincent DeVita, Jr., the Director of the National Cancer Institute and other notable AIDS experts, categorizes homosexual practices and their risk-factors including: receptive anal intercourse, insertive anal intercourse, receptive fisting, insertive fisting, receptive anilingus, insertive anilingus, receptive fellatio, insertive fellatio, and nitrate inhalant frequency. These homosexuals sex acts can be found in any of the homosexual guidelines to "safe sex" in the age of AIDS. These warn homosexuals against their more bizarre pleasures. In spite of all this credible documentation, people with natural affections will have difficulty believing that over 20 million + Americans practice and enjoy the following acts: 1. Rimming. This is a widespread sex act practiced by nearly all homosexuals that involves a man running his tongue around and round in another man's rectum. Kenneth Bray estimates over 90 percent of all homosexuals do this before beginning anal intercourse. They claim it stimulates them sexually, tends to loosen up the rectum and moisten it for easier genital penetration. One homosexual publication advises readers, "Do not rim. There are many other places on the body that are unexplored and when found could give sexual satisfaction. Try that too." (Health Letter 15, May 1985). I cannot imagine any body cavities that have not been explored unless maybe it is in the ear, which hardly seems suitable even for the most bizarre sex fiend. A letter from the Gay Men's Health Crisis "practices, such as oral-anal and oral-genital contact...carry some degree of risk." The possibility of infection pyramids when twenty or thirty men practice rimming and sodomy on the same rectum in a single night. (The Weekly News, October 23, 1985). 2. RINGING. In this act homosexual males force all their private parts through tight rings of steel or leather. Sexual stimulation severely tightens the ring. The results is an extreme hardening of the organ. The tight rings also block off the prostate and makes completion impossible. A truck driver in south Florida got in a ring so tight he could not free himself. A call for emergency help was met with astonishment: "You've got a ring around what?" They were finally able to cut through the steel ring and free him. "With the rings they can continue their sexual act for several hours," Bray said. "They holler and scream but are unable to be satisfied." The rings increase the AIDS risk in three ways. Rings can cut the organ, allowing germs to enter the bloodstream. The hours of endless friction can rub through the thin skin and allow the microbes in. Prolonging the length of time usually increases the numbers of partners and proportionately increases the risk of infection. 3. FISTING. This describes the act of greasing the fingers, usually with shortening designed for cooking and working them into another's rectum. Then the hand is balled up in a fist and shoved as far as possible into the body. Kenneth Bray said they sometimes get their arm in up to the elbow. Internal friction in the prostate area stimulates the receptive partner. But there is a problem. The lining of the rectum is extremely thin and dense with blood vessels. Despite the use of a lubricant this practice causes breaks and even bleeding of the rectal lining. Then AIDS can enter the bloodstream. 4. ANAL INTERCOURSE. The rectum replaces the vagina in genital-anal intercourse. This is the most common and one of the more deadly practices of homosexuals. The active and the passive partners are both satisfied. But the price is high. A San Francisco doctor pointed out that "Rectal intercourse with its propensity to bleeding is like an intravenous challenge, " A doctor from the Einstein Institute in New York Dity told a TV audience, "The human rectum was not made for intercourse." 5. DILDOES. These artificial sex organs are a favorite toy in the homosexual world. They are inserted into the rectum. Dildoes come in a variety of sizes and are made of plastic and rubber. Some are designed for use with a vibrator. One three-foot-long model is shaped for use in anal intercourse by two men simultaneously as they atand back to back. The most dangerous dildoes are the "French ticklers" that have rubber or metal studs. These add to the "thrill" and also to the rectal breaks. Dildoes represent a two-fold AIDS threat. Not only does the size and violent use break the rectal lining, but dildoes used by many different people without washing increase the risk of infection. Bray said he'd never seen them washed between uses. 6. WATER SPORTS. This involves an assortment of practices involving bladder excretions. For example, one man will lay down on the floor while his "partner" urinates on him, sometimes in his mouth. A gay men's health letter says "water sports" are cinsidered safe so long as urine does not enter the body." (Dennis Altman, AIDS in the Mind of America) Kenneth Bray said the practice of urinating in a partner's mouth after sex is over, is common. He also said another variation, practiced in some bars in New York and Miami, was having urine piped down from the second floor rest rooms and sprayed over the first floor patrons. "The homosexuals involved found this very exciting," said Bray. Well, readers of this page, are you not disgusted or sick to your stomach over these dirty, filthy things homosexuals do? Do you still have the tendency to call these acts natural? But there's more! 7. TORTURE. SOME HOMOSEXUALS FIND EXCITEMENT IN TORTURING AND OTHERS IN BEING TORTURED. The "master" chains the "slave" and beats him in frenzied sexual orgies. The whips and chains used in bondage games carry a serious danger of infection. Some regularly break open the skin of those who get no satisfaction without torture. They tie each other up and whip each other in a fury of passion. The AIDS microbes, contained in sperm and urine on the participant's body, can enter the blood stream through the broken skin. In the darkened rooms of bathhouses they brutalize other humans and expose them to deadly infection. As Psalms 74:20 says, "the dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty." 8. SNIFFING AMYL NITRITE. This chemical, which was designed to slow the pulse rate of heart patients, plays a major part in the homosexual world. It throws the heart into high gear, prolongs sexual ability, and is said to heighten the enjoyment. Since it is illegal to manufacture pure amyl nitrite, some bathhouses hire their own chemists to produce it. The result is a stronger and more potent mixture. In this pure form amyl nitrite can burn the skin like acid. It drives the homosexual at such a frenzied pace users sometimes die from heart failure. The drug also strips the lining of the nasel passage and causes sores in the mouth and throat. These sres become open avenues of infection. 9. ORAL-GENITAL SEX. This common homosexual act poses a danger mainly because the sperm is discharged into the mouth. Many homosexuals have sores, fever blisters, ulcers in their mouths, etc. from using myl exuals nitrite and sniffing cocaine, these practices put them at high risk. Bulletins were released, beginning in 1985, warning homosexuals against brushing their teeth before engaging in oral-genital sex. The toothbrush often causes slight bleeding and opens the door for exposure to AIDS. A homosexual paper gave the following instructions to protect its readers from AIDS. "Do not use a lube in a container in which you reach your hand back not put your finger in your mouth at any time...your hands carry many germs and diseases." (AIDS: The Mystery And The Solution) Strange that they warn about the "fingers" in the mouth? Fingers could be the cleanest thing they are sticking in their mouth. One cannot help but wonder if there is something wrong with their brains. But then, you more than likely have reached the same conclusion as I have, that indeed there is! 10. "SIXTY-NINE." A sex act suggested by the numbers "6" and ," two identical figures facing each other "69" involves simultaneous oral-genital sex. 11. GROUP SEX. Homosexual discos, bathhouses and bars have opened up a new era of group sex. Some of these establishments will have weekend orgies involving thousands of people. Few homosexuals look upon monogamy as a realistixc choice because they say "we don't find one partner sufficiently fulfilling." Even those who call themselves monogamous often take one night a week off to go to a bathhouse alone. Homosexuals who are able to give up all other practices hold to the group concept. Clubs have now been formed where groups can engage in mass public masturbation. "The thought of several hundred men is an abandoned warehouse, naked except for their sneakers, and in various states of sexual excitement, may seem disgusting (it is) to some, comical to others (Comical? I would say idiotic!), but many of the men who attend have found in these clubs an important (to them) source of both communal support and sexual satisfaction," says Dennis Altman. (GMHC Health Letter, May 1985). The groups seek to reduce the risk while retaining the mass, homosexual approach. 12. FECAL INGESTION. Alan Cantwell warned strongly against "fecal contamination." In one of the more bizarre acts, homosexuals play a sex game of "dog and master." One puts a dog collar and leash on his partner. He then leads him around the room and has him eat and drink human waste. (Excrement, commonly called "shit" and urine) These games excite the homosexual, but at a terrible risk of contracting diseases, including AIDS. 13. DEEP KISSING. A controversy has raged among homosexuals about whether deep kissing, with the exchange of saliva, is safe. With AIDS having been found in saliva and at least one case of transmission by kissing on record in the 1980's, this certainly not a reasonable practice. However, some homosexuals say stopping this would be the end of everything meaningful in their sex life. 14. LUBRICANTS. Homosexual "leather bars" commonly have a lubricant at the entrance to their dark, orgy rooms. "This is usually an open can of shortening, one bar owner said. Apopcorn machine is often located near the exit door. This has set the stage for the bathhouse joke, "I'm going to get me some popcorn, I've already got the butter" as they hold up a handful of the lubricant on their way in for anal intercourse. They usually eat their popcorn before washing their hands after coming out. Hygene is not a part of the 'leather bar" world. And that is one reason AIDS is a part of it. Homosexuals have cried in a loud voice about getting out of the closet. This horrible list of perverted sex acts gives the public exposure they claim to desire. It shows just what caused the plague of AIDS to fall on their world. But, it is "politically incorrect" to tell the people in general about their perverted acts. Much of the mystery of AIDS would be cleared up if we would call homosexuals by a proper name. They are not "fagots," They are not "gays." They are people who stick their tongues in other people's rectum. They are people who swallow every bodily excretion man is capable of producing. commonly described as shit, and pee. They are people who indulge in such practices with an average of over a thousand partners. TAKE THE LID OFF THE DEVIL'S GARBAGE CAN, AND CALL A SPADE A SPADE! Label these people by exactly what they do and you clear up the mystery of what is responsible for most cases of AIDS. Then society might be shocked back to sanity. Maybe we can help these poor victims of history's filthiest addiction. The California Senate passed a bill presented by a Lesbian Senator SB 777, which makes it manditory to teach in government schools all about homosexuality, cross-dressing, bi-sexualty, sex-change operations, etc. from kindergarten and up. Parenrts can not stop their children from being taught these filthy lifestyles! What can you do? Have home schooling for your children, so they are safe from those demon-posessed bastards, unless you want your children to do the perverted acts mentioned above. Do you love your children? Do you desire them to grow up as normal human beings? Or do you want to cater to what homosexuals call "natural behavior?" Exodus 15:26; Leviticus 18:22; 1 Corinthians 6:9; 1 Timothy 1:9,10; 2 Timothy 3:1-5; Leviticus 20:13; Ephesians 5:3; 1 Thessalonians 4:3. SLANDER MAKES THE COVERUP SUCCEED. Biased members of the media and the militant homosexuals have viciously slandered everyone who has tried to tell the American public the truth about AIDS. It sounds like a rerun of Satan slandering God in the Garden of Eden. "For God doth know that in the fay that ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil." (Gen.3:5) From Eden to the AIDS epidemic, such slander has flourished around the globe. Shakespeare described it as, "Slander, whose edge is sharper than the sword; whose tongue outvenoms all the worms of Nile; whose breath rides on the posting winds, and doth belie all corners of the world." (Newsweek, September 29, 1985) THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE CALLED IGNORANT Newsweek slandered the American public for believing you can get AIDS in any ways except sexual contact and exposure to infected blood. The magazine said this is "sheer ignorance." The 1,000 AIDS patients at that time who did not have blood or sexual contact with victims not only had to die of AIDS, but had to listen to the press accuse them of "sheer ignorance." Like the Psalmist in the Bible they could justly cry, "My days are consumed like smoke, and my bones are burned as a hearth. My heart is smitten, and withered like grass...Mine enemies reproach me all the day." (Psalms 102:3,4,8) With surprising good sense, Harvard's William Curran actually prepared standby regulations for cities to apply in confining AIDS patients who persist in having sex. This caused Newsweek to lash back in an article on "The AIDS Conflict." The magazine claimed that the "Ignorance and uncertainty fuel an epidemic of fear that could be almost as destructive as the disease itself." (Rolling Stone, April 25, 1985) Has fear of AIDS killed thousands? This is a ridiculous overstatement. Newsweek wields the sword of slander widely speaking of the ignorance of the American people. MEN OF SCIENCE ARE ACCUSED OF HAVING "AIDS MAFIA DELUSIONS" Press and homosexual spokesmen, without any medical background, do not hesitate to slander men of Science. Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, the scientific director of the AIDS Medical Foundation who has treated AIDS pstients since the disease was first discovered, started his own scientific journal, AIDS Recearch. He believed he was excluded from mainstream scientific magazines because he gave credibility to the theory that AIDS could possibly be traced to homosexual acts. He has been criticized by NIH and CDC, and he has been repeatedly cjarged with having "AIDS mafia delusions." Sonnabend says that promiscuity is the cause of AIDS while admitting that his conclusions would be a threat to the identity of homosexual men. He feels that it is no coincidence that the cities with the largest numbers of fast track homosexuals are the cities with the largest number of AIDS cases. He does not see any way that men exposed to Gay Bowel Syndrome and all the other diseases night after night could possibly remain healthy.(New York Native, September 23, 1985). For holding a reasonable position based on scientific fact, Dr. Sonnabend has had to suffer shameful slander and endless abuse from the media and members of the homosexual community. Paul Cameron also knows about the power of the homosexuals to influence science. He has been dropped from membership in the American Psychological Association and discredited professionally by the American Sociological Association following research and conclusions that inflamed homosexuals. Now serving as a consultant to California Republican Congressman William Dannemryer, cameron says the whole AIDS epidemic has been seriously mishandled. The social scientist says a quarantine in 1981 would have been clearly useful and relatively inexpensive. Now, he said, it may already be "too late." UP TO DATE NEWS: AIDS official: HIV spreading fast in Russia By STEVE GUTTERMAN, Associated Press Writer AP Saturday, November 22 MOSCOW - A top Russian anti-AIDS coordinator on Friday lambasted the government's approach to fighting HIV, number of registered cases was growing 10 percent a year despite increased federal funding. A misguided focus on treatment instead of prevention has undermined efforts to combat AIDS, said Vadim Pokrovsky; the state-funded Federal AIDS Center, which is charged with coordinating efforts. "it seems to me that we still have no national policy on fighting AIDS," Pokrovsky said. "We are running in place, and meanwhile HIV is spreading." WHAT HAS GOD GOT TO DO WITH IT? In John Horne Burns story "Queen Penicillin," the Chaplain says, "My boy, if there were no disease in the world there would be no decency. Our illness is a sign of the disapproval of God for what we did." (Theodore Rosenberry, Microbes and Morals). The only man who can doubt that illness is sometimes a sign of the disapproval of bad behavior is the man who believes the Bible lies from cover to cover. Such skeptics in the ministry and the media find the idea of AIDS being a Divine punishment infuriating. They believe their brain is a higher authority than the Bible. But for those who believe the Bible there is no question about it. This Divine revelation makes it extremely clear that God does use diseases to punish people. Deuteronomy 28:22 said to the wicked, "The Lord shall smite thee with a consumption, and with a fever, and with an inflammation, and with an extreme burning, and with the sword, and with blasting, and with mildew; and they shall pursue thee until thou perish." In Deuteronomy 28:27,28,35 God lists the illness He will send upon the disobedient, "The Lord will smite thee with the botch of Egypt, and with the emerods, and with the scab, and with the itch, whereof thou canst not be healed. The Lord shall smite thee with madness, and blindness, and astonishment of heart:...The Lord shall smite thee in the knees, and in the legs, with a sore botch that cannot be healed, from the sole of thy foot unto the top of thy head." God said that He would send sickness upon idolaters to let His anger be known, "The stranger that shall come from a far land, shall say, when they see the plagues of that land, and the sicknesses which the Lord hath laid upon it;...Even all nations shall say, Wherefore hath the Lord done thus unto this land?What meaneth the heat of this great anger?...For they went and served other gods, and worshipped them...And the anger of the Lord was kindled against this land, to bring upon it all the curses that are written in this book: And the Lord rooted them out of their land in anger, and in wrath, and in great indignation." (Deuteronomy 29:22,24,26-28) Proverbs 3:7,8 warns us to fear the Lord if we would enjoy health, "Fear the Lord, and depart from evil. It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones." Leviticus 26:14,16 declares, "But if ye will not hearken (listen) unto me, and will not do all these commandments;...I also will do this unto you; I will even appoint over you terror, consumption, and the burning ague, that shall consume the eyes, and cause sorrow of heart." "Therefore also will I make thee sick in smiting thee, in making thee desolate because of thy sins." (Micah 6:13) We can be sure of this Bible truth; "But God shall wound the head of his enemies, and the hairy scalp of such as one as goeth on still in his trespasses." (Psalms 68:21) Every drug abuser and homosexual who is dying with AIDS can identify with the Psalms which says, "For we are consumed by thine anger, and by thy wrath are we troubled. Thou hast set our iniquities before thee, our secret sins in the light of thy countenance. For all our days are passed away in thy wrath: we spend our years as a tale that is told." (Psalms 90:7-9)a

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